almost 5 years ago

Announcing the winners

Following up on the Awards Ceremony last night, the winners from the fourth annual RIT iOS App Challenge are now posted on the gallery page.  Go congratulate the winners and check out all of the excellent submissions.

Our first place award went to Dividr.

Second place went to CrowdQ.

Third place went to Paper Kites.

And the audience selected Dripp.

Everyone did an amazing job though and I hope you had a great time while learning something new.

Even though the competition is over, you don't have to stop hacking. Use your portfolio to keep your…

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almost 5 years ago

Awards Ceremony Details - READ THIS!

Tomorrow is the final demos and awards ceremony!  Hopefully after you submit tonight you'll be able to get some sleep so you're well rested for the presentations.  I strongly recommend practicing your presentation because this is a considerable part of the judging and the experience.

Practice Presentations

You will have the opportunity to do a practice presentation tomorrow between 10:30am and 4:00pm.  This is a final dress rehearsal so be prepared with what you're going to say.  If you need to pre-load any additional demo assets or confirm that your demo is working, this is your ONLY opportunity.  Sign

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Dinosaur BBQ is here! Submission deadline is 11:59pm TONIGHT.

It's crunch time! If you're hungry, come to the Student Innovation Hall...we have plenty of food left from Dinosaur BBQ.  Bring your friends too. :-)

Just a reminder that the submission deadline is VERY STRICT at 11:59pm tonight.  DO NOT BE LATE!  Plan on this process taking a little bit so don't wait until the last minute to make your first attempt either.  You can re-submit multiple times if needed.

When you submit, be sure to zip up your project directory including the .xcodeproj and all of your code files, graphics, any frameworks, etc.  I strongly recommend that you try…

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almost 5 years ago

Dinner is here from Lovin' Cup!

We've got lots of sandwiches, wraps, salad, and cookies from Lovin' Cup.  If you're not in SIH, come down now to get some!

almost 5 years ago

Office hours are now open in SIH - we have coffee now and dinner from Lovin' Cup tonight

Office hours are now open in the Student Innovation Hall.  If you're coding in your dorm or somewhere else, come down here instead!

We have fresh pour-over coffee from Joe Bean Coffee, gratiously sponsored by Paul from

Tonight we'll have dinner from Lovin' Cup around 7:30pm-ish.  We've got plenty of drinks and snacks to last you in between.

almost 5 years ago

Resources for learning iOS Development

In case you missed the iOS Workshops, here are some additional resources for learning iOS development:

Introduction to iOS Programming Companion Guide
Review the information and tasks presented at the workshop. 

App Store Collection
Learn more about coding with this collection of helpful apps, books, podcasts, and iTunes U courses. 

Apple Developer
Get the resources you need to create innovative apps for Apple platforms.  

Super Easy Apps
Paul Solt's online video tutorials.  Come see him this weekend for a free discount.

almost 5 years ago

Recap of the kick-off meeting

Just in case you missed it, here is a recap of the kick-off ceremony and rules for the iOS App Challenge this weekend.

* Sponsors *
- Check out their site at
- Upcoming hackathon BrickHack March 5th and 6th. More info at
- Thanks for the pizza tonight!

Super Easy Apps
- Paul Solt is an RIT alum and will be helping out this weekend
- Thanks for providing coffee on Saturday and Sunday!
- If you didn't get the URL for free training, come see Paul this weekend

- Upcoming hackathon WICHacks February 27th…

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The iOS App Challenge starts soon!

The kick-off for the iOS App Challenge is tonight at 7:30pm in Golisano 1400.  As a reminder, at least one person from each team should be present to learn about the secret theme.  We'll go over the rules and give you some tips for how to succeed.

CodeRIT is providing pizza from Mark's Pizzeria tonight as well.

Shortly following the kick-off ceremony, we'll do a team finding session if you don't already have a team and then we'll do an Apple Watch Workshop.

We have Golisano 1400 reserved until Midnight if you want to start brainstorming your project or coding tonight.

almost 5 years ago

RIT iOS App Challenge Update and ASL Interpreting Services

The RIT iOS App Challenge starts in ONE WEEK!

This e-mail includes a quick summary of the week's activities and other important updates.  If you can no longer attend the hackathon, please click the red Unregister link at so we can get an accurate count of the number of expected attendees.  If you have friends who haven't signed up yet, tell them to go sign up now!


Schedule of events

Tuesday, January 26th

  • Noon to 3pm - 1:1 Resume Workshop in the hallway outside the SSE Lab in Golisano
  • 6:00pm to Midnight - iOS Workshop (Full)

Wednesday, January 27th

  • 6:00pm…

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almost 5 years ago

Sign up for the Introduction to iOS Development Workshop

If you've never developed for iOS before or are a beginner, sign up for the Introduction to iOS Development Workshop.  You should have some experience with another object-oriented programming language but we'll show you how to do iOS development in Xcode using Swift.  This is a 6-hour hands-on course.  You can attend on EITHER Tuesday, January 26th or Wednesday, January 27th in the evening.

If you need a MacBook, we have a limited number that you can borrow.

about 5 years ago

Starter Kit

Welcome to the RIT iOS App Challenge 2016!

You are now confirmed as a participant. We will be revealing more details at the kick-off event and training sessions, but this event challenges you to learn Swift if you don't already know it or to hone your skills if you've used it before.

Complete your Devpost profile

If you have not already done so, make sure your profile on Devpost contains your real e-mail address and your full name.  I also strongly recommend that you include some more details about yourself including a photo and what other projects you've worked on.  Make sure that you…

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